Why Sugaring Is Better than Waxing

A simple paste of sugar, lemon and water. Forget about resins, waxes and other chemicals, these natural ingredients are vegan, organic and ethically sourced.

The lukewarm sugar only attaches to the unwanted hair and dead skin cells. No nasty burns or skin tearing here; just smooth, exfoliated skin, an overall more pleasant experience.

Unlike waxing, sugaring removes hair by the root and in the direction of hair growth so you’re looking at less breakage, irritation and overall pain. Additionally, sugar’s small molecule size is able to remove fine hair as short as 1/8 inch (7-10 days growth.)

Because there’s no need for spatulas, strips or additional dips into the sugar pot with this process, there’s no chance for cross-contamination, and also less waste, and environmental impact.

Both hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, sugar is perfect for the most sensitive skin. Most clients find less redness immediately after the service, with little to no irritation or ingrown hairs in the weeks following.


Sugar is naturally hydrating, and the paste is a natural gentle exfoliation, you get the added benefit of conditioning your skin during the treatment. As sugar seeps into the skin, it has the ability to clear out the follicle of dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and happy.


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