Covid-19 and what it means for The Sugarist

Hello Ladles and Jellyspoons!; This is my most updated COVID procedure.

We were already really lucky with sugar, as it’s intrinsically more hygienic, single ball of paste, and very few multi use objects. That being said, there will be some differences you’ll notice at your appointment. Firstly, you’ll notice a new Covid waiver that you’ll need to fill out when you book your appt, as well as some questions that you’ll be asked when you buzz the shop:

  • Have you had a cough?
  • Have you had a fever?
  • Have you been around anyone with a cough or fever within the past 14 days?
  • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

Your temperature will be recorded in the appointment notes. If your temperature is over 37.2, your appt will be cancelled and you’ll need to wait 14 days before returning. You will not be charged any Cancellation Fee for having a high temperature.

Once inside the building, *please continue wearing your mask*

Unfortunately, guests will no longer be allowed into the treatment room during the service.

Hand washing sinks are available in the bathroom and inside the studio.

Masks must be worn at all times. I will provide disposable medical masks, as well as reusable fabric masks for sale in the shop.

Unfortunately, I can no longer offer Water Wipes. Water Wipes make a 28 wipe travel pack, you can get them at Dunnes or Boots. I’d also like to encourage clients to think about having their own implements, such as your own tweezers. You can get Full Size Tweezerman Slant Tip here, or Amazon UK or Sally’s Beauty on Exchequer. I’ll also be stocking the Rubis Mehaz needle nose in the shop, as they seem hard to come by.

In addition to the disinfectant that I normally use, I will also use a UV-C steriliser on all implements, regardless if supplied by Sugarist or client . After the service is completed, all surfaces will be sprayed down, while all implements soak in disinfectant. All linens will continue to be washed with bleach and hot water.

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