About Lindsay

About Lindsay

Lindsay Leggett is a sugaring specialist born and raised in the city of Seattle, WA. After almost a decade of world travel, Lindsay spent three years honing her sugaring skills at Seattle’s The Sweet Spot, voted Best of the Best by Allure Magazine, before stepping out on her own as The Sugarist in 2011.

Lindsay loves the instant gratification and lasting results that sugaring gives. She enjoys getting to know clients and giving specialised services while educating on skin care for healthy skin.  She seeks to provide a serene, pleasant experience for all clients, maintaining an inclusive, body-positive outlook, aiming to be the change she wants to see in the beauty world. Lindsay offers unique, customised and customer centric appointments to provide clients with the most comfortable services with the longest lasting results.

When not sugaring the world and making it a sweeter place, Lindsay enjoys reading, knitting, traveling, trying new foods, and learning new and random facts while listening to new (and old) music.

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